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Intuitive Energy Healing

Most of us walk through life carrying our unresolved emotional baggage with us. Anger, sadness, disappointment, guilt and shame are often stashed within us. Often our stored emotions and beliefs stem from childhood. As youngsters, we often develop and internalize diminishing beliefs about ourselves or rigid beliefs about our world.

When unresolved emotions and negative beliefs are buried within us, they can muddy our perceptions and behaviours. Our stored sadness, hidden shame, denied anger and limiting beliefs can affect all aspects of our lives — including our health, our wellbeing, our relationships and our choices. But it is not only our unresolved emotions from this life time that we store inside of us. Intense emotions from our past lives may also be rooted within us; this too can have an impact on how we feel in our current life.

As a clairvoyant, Rachel has the ability to see and feel a person's underlying emotions and beliefs that block one from living one's best life. Rachel works with divine energy to help individuals release dormant emotions, beliefs and fears. In this way, intuitive healing helps people to feel lighter, calmer, clearer and more centred. This work opens the gates for people to experience their own innate joy, freedom and peace.

During an intuitive healing session, there is no set, predetermined approach or agenda. As a clear channel, Rachel opens herself up to allow Spirit to guide each session. Sometimes the root of a past life is revealed and cleared. Often buried emotions from childhood are brought into the spotlight and released. Sometimes we receive visits and messages from loved ones who have passed. Often channeled prayers or affirmations are incorporated. An intuitive healing session unfolds in a way that is most purposeful for the client.

Intuitive healing sessions are conducted on the phone and are about one hour in length. Distance is not a factor when working with energy. The rate is $129 CAD. For a package of four intuitive healing sessions, the rate is $456 ($114/session), a savings of $60 CAD. The decision to purchase a package and receive the savings can be made at anytime after you have the opportunity to experience your first intuitive healing session.

Preparation for an Intuitive Healing Session

Before your appointment, please find a quiet and private space where you may lie down or sit with your eyes closed. Set the intention to be open minded and willing to heal. (It can be helpful to have tissues handy in case there are tears.)

We begin each intuitive healing session with a guided meditation. After our short meditation, the client then shares whatever they wish to focus on.

As a channel for a higher power, Rachel allows Spirit to guide each session. As a result, an intuitive healing session unfolds in a way that is most purposeful for the client. For example,if an individual is concerned about a physical health symptom or condition, we will energetically tune into the physical body, but we might then be shown emotional layers that are ready to be healed first.It is important for both the healer and the individual to trust the process as being most purposeful for the client's healing.

Everyone's experience during an intuitive healing session is unique. Some people may feel the energy moving and releasing in a more intense way, while others may find the experience very subtle. Some people see images and colours, while other people see very little or nothing at all. At the end of the day, none of this makes the healing more or less powerful.

Just like regular exercise is important for achieving excellent physical health, committing to multiple intuitive healing sessions helps the client to uncover a deeper sense of inner wellbeing.


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