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Rachel's Story

In the year 2006, Rachel had an unforgettable experience that tore down the walls of her mind and influenced the course of her life. While stretched out on a couch in a hypnotherapist's office, Rachel watched with eyes closed as a tiny butterfly of radiant light fluttered towards her and then dove into her fetus body. For a fleeting second, Rachel felt her soul's innate joy and excitement. A feeling so intensely beautiful that it became a beacon for her. A guiding light that gently reminded Rachel of her true essence — a care-free soul saturated with LOVE.

However for the majority of Rachel's life, inner peace and joy seemed eons away. As a child, Rachel was painfully shy and anxious. Her 20s were a roller coaster ride of eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and self loathing. Deep into the midst of her 30s, a knotted ball of anxiety camped out in her gut, leaving her often breathless, disoriented and panicked.

In the spring of 2009, during a fiercely stressful time in her life, Rachel participated in her first meditation/energy healing workshop. In this powerful course, Rachel discovered (very much to her own surprise) that she possessed natural gifts as a clairvoyant and clairsentient. In other words, she could tune into people's energy and receive images and information regarding their underlying emotions and physical health.

Since this initial workshop 10 years ago, meditation has been Rachel's steady companion. Her spiritual journey has offered her a new way of being. Rather than running or hiding from emotional discomfort, she pauses to shine light within, feeling her emotions and letting them go. Instead of relentlessly judging herself, she holds herself with compassion. Rather than perceiving life's challenges and emotional turbulence as frightening and horrible, Rachel sees these as opportunities to heal and evolve.

In December 2015, Rachel became a certified Intuitive Healer. She helps people to reveal and release their buried emotions, devitalizing beliefs and fears so that they may feel calmer, healthier, happier, lighter and freer. By tuning into an individual's energy, Rachel receives images and feelings related to anything that is up for healing; for example, stored emotions and self-diminishing beliefs from childhood, past life roots, negative energies picked up from others and much more.


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