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Genevieve Chenoweth

Toronto, Ontario

“Rachel is an incredibly gifted healer. She sees things in a way that immediately make sense to me and her intuitive perspective always ends up shedding more light on the subject than I could have imagined. Each session feels intense and liberating. I can literally feel energy shifting.”

Dr. Jeff Hagel

White Rock, B.C

“I have pursued multiple treatments over the last seven years for chronic tension/pain, with limited success. A year ago, I decided to investigate the mind-body connection component of this pain. Rachel has been extremely helpful in helping me see things in my past and present that are negatively impacting me and then helping me release this baggage. Through my work with her, I feel lighter internally and far less tense. We can all benefit from Rachel’s amazing gift. Thank you Rachel!”

Nicole Mcgauley

Vancouver, B.C.

“My sessions to date have been incredible with Rachel! Each time we connect, she draws out another nugget that I didn’t even realize was dragging me down. At the end of the session, I am left with this amazing euphoric feeling. I can literally feel the bad energy and toxins spilling out of me. Thank you!”

Janiece Wiens

Vancouver, B.C

“After only working with Rachel once a week for three weeks, my world changed more dramatically than I had anticipated. I couldn’t believe how much less stress I felt and how much more connected to my happiness I became. Life’s little problems that were bothering me suddenly melted away. Even my daughter told me when I missed a session: “Mommy, you need to go see Rachel”. It’s crazy how life can get away from you and you forget how wonderful it really is. Rachel will bring you back to what really matters and guides you how to get there.”

Farinaz Lari

Vancouver, B.C

“When I first began working with Rachel, I was in the worst state of my life. I felt hopeless, extremely overwhelmed and emotionally numb. I had never done any sort of meditation or energy healing so I was quite nervous. But Rachel was very calm and patient. I could feel that she is invested in my well-being and really cares about me. I can’t believe how much better I feel in such a short time. I feel relaxed and better about myself. I highly recommend working with Rachel.”

Kristi Macleod

Vancouver, B.C

“Rachel has guided me into some of my core issues and helped me to see and release stored traumas and emotions from a different perspective, one of non-judgement and healing. Through my work with Rachel, I have been able to move past emotional blocks that were holding me back in certain areas of my life and to shine light into places I didn’t feel comfortable looking at on my own. I am so grateful to work with such a wonderful intuitive healer and guide. I highly recommend her services.”

Lisa Lungel

Kelowna, B.C

“I am in awe of how Rachel connects to me and how she is able to help me on my path to healing. By tuning into how I feel, Rachel is able to articulate my fears that I have neglected to acknowledge and the memories I have suppressed. She unveils truths about my childhood and connects them to my current life. Working together, she helps me to release these emotional imprints so that they are no longer held in my energy field and therefore no longer affect my well-being and life. Brick by brick Rachel has helped me to break down the walls that have prevented me from living a more authentic life. More and more, I am able to come from a place of love, instead of a place of fear.”


Victoria, B.C

“I have had many powerful intuitive healing sessions with Rachel over the years. Most recently, she helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. From the time of my sister’s diagnosis of terminal cancer to her passing two short months later, Rachel helped to calm my fears and anxieties, and ultimately coached me in how to connect with my sister after her passing in the most transformative way. Rachel has a powerful gift and has truly found her calling. I can never thank her enough.”