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Exciting news! Launching Youtube Channel

After 10 years of writing blog articles (and loving every moment of writing), this year I shifted gears. Working together with my talented brother, Pete Shoniker, I’ve created and launched a handful of videos. The gist of these videos is spiritual and healing insights and practical tools for everyday life. Check out my videos here: […]

How to Heal Feelings of Unworthiness

How to Heal Feelings of Unworthiness

“You’re useless. You’re pathetic. You never get anything right. You’re a failure. You’re stupid. Nobody likes you.” Feelings of unworthiness are vicious monsters that lurk in the dark, waiting to pounce on us during our weakest moments. (Photo by Joshua Rawson Harris) The self-admonishing, cruel tyrant in our minds can be so harsh and so […]

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