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How to Find your Purpose

How to Find your Purpose

How to Find your Purpose

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Find your purpose

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Many years ago, a pesky, nagging thought taunted me, circling around and around in my mind. What if I miss the boat and arrive at the end of my life without ever knowing what I was meant to do? What is my purpose? If this sounds like you, or you feel uninspired and stuck in a rut, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover how to find your purpose.

how to find your purpose

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Allow me to share a really messy personal story. In 2008/09, my life dropped out from underneath my feet. The guy who I considered (at the time) to be the love of my life, shockingly landed behind bars with some relatively hefty charges. In the midst of feeling completely rocked by these nightmarish events, I discovered that his secret life also included a full-blown relationship with another woman. (Ouch!)

At this point, I was swimming in anxiety. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t focus. My small one-woman business spiraled downward at break-neck speed, eventually crashing and bursting into flames. I was flat broke and drowning in major debt.

Discover your Purpose

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At 34 years old, I found myself working odd promo jobs in order to afford to live. Meanwhile my friends had great careers that they were proud of.

Why do I share this messy history with you? After all, this part of my past is definitely ancient history! I share this with you because during these super challenging times, I was forced to let go of everything I thought my life was about.

With nothing left to lose and nothing remaining to be attached to, the Universe had wiped my life clean of anything that wasn’t meant to stick and stay. Unknowingly, I was placed on a path that would lead me to discovering my purpose and the life that was meant for me.

Follow your heart

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The Path to Discovering my Purpose

During these rocky times, I learned to meditate. Meditation became my saviour. One day in meditation, I dipped deep into my heart and asked to know what I was here on this planet to do. I received these words: Healer. Writer. Speaker. Also, I got a strong feeling that I was meant to teach.

At the time, to me this guidance sounded absurd. I had discovered meditation and my intuitive gifts, but beyond this, I had no clue what it meant to be a healer. Even the word “healer” made me blush with embarrassment. Who the hell was I to think I could help change people’s lives as a healer?!

In my employment history, I had bounced all over the map. According to the negative voice in my mind (a.k.a. the ego), I had never really succeeded at anything. If I hadn’t mastered anything, what could I possibly write or speak about? What on earth could I teach to others?!

Here’s something really awesome that I wish everyone knew:

When it comes to life and living our purpose, we don’t need to figure out every detail of when, where and how, we just need to listen and follow the guidance from our heart and soul.

Our Purpose is Written in our Hearts

Discovering our purpose isn’t about searching “out there”. Our purpose is written in our hearts and embedded in our souls. Knowing our purpose is about going within and listening to what our souls already know.

Listening to Inner Guidance

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So where did this inner guidance lead me? Fast forward several years…

Today, I work as an intuitive healer, helping clients from around the world to reveal and release anything that is preventing them from feeling their best. We clear buried emotions, negative beliefs and other energies that diminish you and squash your joy. In my sessions, I guide you to come home to the awesome brilliance that is the real you, aligning you with your authentic power.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than helping my clients to tap into their own innate wisdom, joy, peace, creativity, compassion, courage and self-love.

As for writing, in 2017 I became a contributing author to an internationally best-selling book. Today, I teach an all-encompassing healing and training program to open-minded individuals who are committed to their personal expansion and curious about developing their own intuitive gifts.

In all of this, my role has been to simply follow my heart and my inner guidance, and to say yes to the opportunities that showed up on my path.

As for my dream of speaking on stage to hundreds and thousands of people, I’m open and ready. Putting it out there right now! I trust that if it is on my path, it will be.

Your purpose is in your heart

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To understand how to find your purpose, you need to know what lights you up. What makes you feel alive? What makes you want to shout your joy from the rooftops?

Go Where your Passion Resides

Consider this example. My nine-year old daughter, Thea, is infatuated with dogs. When she was three years old, instead of playing in the playground with all the other children, she’d be walking strangers’ dogs in a nearby grassy area. Although she was very shy with adults, she would confidently march her tiny body up to a complete stranger and ask specific, to-the-point questions: “How old is your dog? What’s her name? Can I please walk her?”

Follow your passion

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Today, my daughter’s idea of fun is reading a dog encyclopedia featuring 450 dog breeds. She spends countless hours per week, petting, cuddling and playing ball with dogs in the local dog parks. Being with dogs makes Thea feel alive and at peace. Dogs light her up.

Now, it’s YOUR turn!

How to Find your Purpose

Grab a journal and a pen. Listen to this free meditation on how to find your purpose: CLICK HERE.

Or you may ask yourself the following questions. With every question, close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Let the answers come from within you. Make sure you write down your answers.

  1. What lights you up? What do you love?
  2. When do you feel most alive and fulfilled?
  3. What’s super important to you?
  4. How do you want to feel in life?
  5. How do you want to contribute to the world?
  6. What bothers you in the world that you’d love to change?
  7. How do you want your life to look?
  8. Where are you happiest? (In the country, by the sea, in the city, in the mountains?)

Take a look at your answers. How can you bring more of this into your life? Write down one, two or three inspired actions that you can take. (Seriously…jot it down.)

Remember — our purpose is written in our hearts and embedded in our souls. Discovering our purpose doesn’t require that we search “out there”. Knowing our purpose is about going within and listening to what our souls already know. Go where your passion resides.


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