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Engaging with Life from Love not Fear

Engaging with Life from Love not Fear

Engaging with Life from Love not Fear

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How do we know if we’re coming from a place of love or a place of fear? Why should we care? When we’re rooted in fear, we block ourselves from accessing our inner wisdom and our inner power.

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When we’re making decisions from a place of fear, communicating from a place of fear and reacting from a place of fear, we’re coming from our non-authentic self. This non-authentic self is called the ego.

The ego is simply a self-protective mechanism that we unconsciously created much earlier in our lives, usually during childhood and youth. We developed ego behaviours as a reaction to protect ourselves from feeling hurt, afraid, inadequate, ashamed and humiliated as little ones.

Fear Blocks us from our Inner Power

The fear-based ego is NOT the real you. It’s not who you are. When we’re rooted in the ego, we block ourselves from accessing our inner wisdom and our inner power.

When we’re entrenched in the ego and reacting to life from fear, we may be anxious, worried, doubtful, confused, overwhelmed, manipulative, passive aggressive, condescending, impatient, critical and so forth. Fear is underneath all of these ego behaviours.

When our hearts are closed and we react and think from a place of fear, all aspects of our lives are impacted: our relationships, our career, our happiness, our physical health, our emotional/mental well-being and our ability to make money.

On the contrary, when we engage in life from love and our souls, our relationships deepen and become more harmonious (or dissolve if they’re meant to). We feel a greater sense of joy and inner peace. We feel more alive. We have greater trust that all is well. We tap into a place where we’re able to more effortlessly manifest our desires and dreams.

We engage with life from a more authentic and meaningful way. We ask “how may I serve others? How do I leave this world a better place?”

How to know if we’re coming from ego/fear or love

When we’re coming from a place of love, our hearts are open. We can feel our compassion. We’re more understanding of others. We feel open. We allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, rather than guarded. Our bodies feel soft, relaxed and gentle.

When we’re coming from fear and ego, our bodies feel tense, rigid, dense, or our gut feels knotted. Our hearts feel closed or hidden behind thick walls. If we feel that we need to attack or fight to prove our points or defend ourselves, this is a sign that we’re in the ego and rooted in fear.

It’s up to each of us to accept the beautiful challenge to live from a place of love and to say yes to living from our higher selves. When we do, we allow ourselves to tap into our innate greatness, our innate power. This impacts our well-being and our entire lives. Not only does this benefit us, it’s also for the greater good and the uplifting of humanity.

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