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How to Stay Happy around Negative People

How to Stay Happy around Negative People

How to Stay Happy around Negative People

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How can we stay in a place where we feel good and our hearts are open when someone in our work or living environment is in a funk or moody? How do we stay happy around negative people? In this video, you’ll learn five tips to hold your light when someone around you will not or cannot do so.

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#1. Align with your Inner Divinity

In order to hold our light and keep our vibration high, we must first be in alignment with our inner light, rather than in the ego/fear. (Please watch the video to discover how to do so.)

#2. Surround yourself in Protective Bubble

Sometimes in order to stay happy around negative people, we’ll need to form a protective bubble of light around us.

Imagine that you can place a big bubble of light around you. Push out that bubble to be one metre all around you. Set the intention that anything negative slides off this bubble. Any crap that might be projected at you slides off this bubble.

#3. Hand Back the Gift of Poop

When someone hurls their poop at you (their unprocessed, stored pain, guilt, negative self-beliefs and other crap), you have the right to not accept it. When my husband is in a grumpy mood (which we all are sometimes) and he throws his crap at me, I quietly walk out of the room and whisper to myself “this is not my shit to hold” and I energetically hand it back to him.

Sit in meditation and see yourself energetically giving back the projected energy to its rightful owner(s). People will try to hurl their crap at us because for a fleeting moment, it makes them feel better to disown it. But, this does not mean that we need to accept it and carry it for them.

#4. Recognize the Hurt, Scared Child

One of the most powerful ways to hold our light and stay happy around negative people is to see the hurt, scared child within them. When we see the hurt, scared child within people, our hearts open with compassion.

The majority of us react to life from the hurt, frightened, confused child who feels not good enough, worthless, unseen or undeserving. Unless we’re super committed to our own inner healing work, most of the time when we’re triggered, we react from the little girl’s core hurt and the negative beliefs that developed at an early age.

#5. Give yourself Space

If there’s someone who is really entrenched in the ego and they’re being angry, passive aggressive or negative, then we need to know that it’s okay to create some time away from them. Maybe we don’t pick up each of their calls. If we live with this person, it’s equally important to get some space.

Get outside and go for a walk in nature. Hang out with uplifting friends or pick up an inspiring book to read alone in the bedroom while our moody counterpart is brooding in the living room.


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